Jeff Donaldson - Scanner Error Series

Utilising a broken scanner to capture abstract compositions

In his most recent project, textiles and surface pattern artist, Jeff Donaldson, creates a new round of experiments in his Scanner Error Series. 


He uses a broken scanner to capture abstract compositions, which are reminiscent of Abstract Expressionism paintings.


Known for his form of communication - with 8 bit technology, computer and technology glitches and code, through an experimental collaboration with circuitry, technology and textile design - the artist has posted prints that are generated accidentally or randomly, but are reminiscent of abstract expressionist works, like Gerard Richter's.


"It is similar to camera-less photography wherein photographic paper is exposed directly with light - the ccd of the scanner takes the place of photo chemistry to develop an image. I’m manipulating ambient light sources (halogen light and television static) for each scan. I don’t know what the results will be until each scan is complete." -Jeff Donaldson.


Jeff has a Tumblr blog at [notendo